How to Steep a Vape Juice

Steeping is akin to aging wine.  The purpose of steeping is to allow the different ingredients in an e-juice to mix well. It is necessary because e-liquids are made with ingredients that have varying densities. Steeping is done to allow the different ingredients blend so you will get the real taste of the e-juice when you vape it.

Some e-liquids come pre-steeped from the factory. However, you have to steep some of them yourself. Usually, the longer the steeping process, the more flavorful your vape juice will be.

It’s like slow cooking, the longer you marinate your beef or pork in your desired sauce, the more delicious it will be. This is the same with e-liquids. Steeping is an indispensable process for creating tasty vape liquids.

There are many ways to steep an e-juice. But the goal is to get the ingredients to mix well so the true taste will come out.

At this point, you may be wondering, how do I steep an e-juice? How long will it usually take? Steeping an e-liquid is simple, but it requires a lot of patience. You have to be able to wait for the result.

Here is a brief overview of how to steep an e-juice.

One of the simplest ways to steep an e-liquid is simply to place the bottle in a cool, dark place. You can use a tall cigar box for this purpose. Let e-liquid sit for one or two weeks. You need to take off the cap of the bottle and shake it at least once every day.

Another way to steep an e-juice is to put the bottle in a tub or container with warm water. You need to make sure that the bottle is locked tightly. Ensure that the water will not enter the bottle and contaminate the e-juice. You need to make sure that you do this properly to get the best result. It is important not to expose the e-juice to direct heat. This will deteriorate the nicotine.

Another method of steeping an e-liquid is described as breathing. To let your e-juice breathe, you need to take off the cap of your e-juice bottle. Allow the opened bottle to remain like that for 12 hours. However, you need to replace the bottle cap immediately the 12-hour duration is due to avoid loss of flavor.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of steeping an e-liquid yourself, you can simply go for a vape juice that is pre-steeped. Slim’s E-Juice is one of many e-liquid makers that sells pre-steeped vape juice blends. All the e-liquids from this company are pre-steeped. This means you can start vaping them once they arrive.

Steeping is important to get the full flavor of an e-liquid. Like any other thing, the more you practice steeping, the better you will get at it.

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Sometimes, to get the best taste from a vape juice, you need to steep it. With the techniques outlined above, it should be easy for you to go about steeping your e-liquids now.

If that is not something you see yourself doing anytime soon, visit the Slim’s E-Juice store and get yourself some pre-steeped e-juice blends.

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